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October/November 2018 Recap

1. Congrats on finishing the October 2018 PE!

2. On October 30, Jose, PJ, and Esteban led a resume workshop at SFSU to help the students prepare for their career fair in November.

3. We celebrated Oktoberfest with SEAONC at The Lab on November 2. Many company representatives attended, and we had fun chatting with peers and professionals over beer and food.

4. We held our November GBM at Pankow Builders in Oakland. Dr. Reza Akhavian gave an informative presentation on data-informed decision making in construction engineering. In addition, we had another trivia game and, of course, free food!

5. On November 15, we held a second resume workshop, this time at UC Berkeley. A bunch of volunteers from various fields in civil engineering participated in the evening event, providing rich feedback for the 20-30 students who attended.

6. We had our annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner at Haley & Aldrich on November 29. SF YMF provided chicken, and attendees brought additional dishes, including Mac and cheese, stuffing, mixed vegetables, and pizza!


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