ASCE SF YMF partners with local schools, libraries, and organizations to educate the public about civil engineering. Our recent events include structural engineering lessons during Engineers Week and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) Engineer-in-Training summer program. If you are interested in partnering with ASCE SF YMF to host a community outreach event, use the form linked below to connect with our Philanthropy Chair. 


Engineers Week (or "E-Week") was founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and is celebrated during the last week of February. In 2021, ASCE SF YMF hosted gummy bear toothpick tower design lessons to teach students about structural engineering. We assembled kits containing gummy bears, toothpicks, and printed general instructions for students to build and present creative towers during our lesson. A total of four classrooms joined our virtual engineering lessons thanks to the wonderful coordination of our partnering principals and teachers! We hope to continue showcasing engineering through interactive lessons and expand our E-Week program in 2022.  





Building off of E-Week's success and feedback, ASCE SF YMF hosted two engineer-in-training (in training) programs in the summer! The engineer-in-training (or "EIT") certification is required for engineers that want to become licensed professionals. This program nods to the EIT certification by awarding students EIT-in-training certificates in four difference disciplines in engineering. In 2021, the four lessons included structural engineering (gummy bear toothpick towers), marine engineering (tin foil boats), aerospace engineering (paper airplanes), and environmental engineering (water filtration). Our volunteers led students and parents through each lesson over a four-week program. Events are hosted during the summer on Saturdays through local libraries. This past year we are grateful to have partnered with the Berkeley and Richmond public libraries. We hope to continue our partnerships and reach out to even more students and communities in 2022.  


Community outreach events are not possible without the generosity of our sponsors and partners. The following organizations have donated materials, funds, and time to help make the events shown on this page possible. Interested in getting involved? Email for opportunities to donate or participate in future events, or complete the form linked above. 

Thank you to Brown and Caldwell, Build Group San Francisco, and Friend of the Richmond Public Library for supporting community outreach in the Bay Area!