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ASCE Society Scholarships


Each year, ASCE offers several Society Scholarships to undergraduate students who have at least one semester or quarter of study in the next academic year. Applicants must be current ASCE Student Members.


The current undergraduate scholarships include:

Applicants can apply to multiple Society Scholarships, but must meet the criteria for each scholarship.



The amount each scholarship provides varies from year to year, depending on the selection committee’s evaluation of applications and financial health of the fund endowment. Scholarships and fellowships generally offer $2,500 to $5,000 per recipient.


Common Requirements

  • Application form must be legible and the provided information must be accurate. 

  • Application form must be signed and include the signature of the faculty member as provided in the individual scholarship or fellowship rules. 

  • Include your student credential S.M.ASCE and your student member number in the application form. 

  • Include a 500-word essay as described in the individual scholarship or fellowship rules. 

  • Include a detailed annual budget using the budget template provided as part of the application form.

  • Include the number of signed recommendation letters called for in the individual scholarship/fellowship rules. Recommendation letters must be sealed – the letter sealed in its own envelope with the recommender’s signature across the flap.

  • Include your most recent transcript from your university’s Registrar. DO NOT download a transcript from your university’s site, as this is not considered an official transcript.

  • Include your resume, showing your student activities, honors, and work experience.



The applications are due to the Honors and Awards Program office no later than February 10 of the year of award. If February 10 falls on a weekend, the application due date is automatically moved to the next business day.


More Information

Generally, in May, the Society’s Executive Director sends award letters electronically. If you have been selected for a scholarship or fellowship, you will receive a letter in your email inbox. Your faculty advisor will also receive a copy of the letter. Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter letting them know they were not selected. 


For more info, please visit

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